Traitement de l’unité de la douleur d’AYA en France. Mise en œuvre d’un programme basé sur une activité physique adaptée et des recommandations pour la prévention du second cancer chez les adolescents et les jeunes adultes atteints de cancer: étude PREVAPAJA

Mar 29, 2019


Amphithéâtre Rondelet


BACKGROUND: Around 700 adolescents and young adults aged from 15 to 25 years old (AYAs) are diagnosed each year with cancer in the French Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. While long term survival is about 80%, they are six times more likely to develop a second primary cancer (SPC) compared to their peers. This risk is multifactorial and depends on the type of first cancer, the treatment received and the prevalence of risk factors (smoking, overweight, sedentary lifestyle, environmental exposures…).
OBJECTIVE: This project aims to implement a clinical program based on adapted physical activity and cancer prevention recommendations for AYAs with cancer.
METHODS: AYAs attended adapted physical activity sessions during the active treatment period (4-6 months). They were given questionnaires about physical activity (IPAQ) and quality of life (QLQ-C30) at baseline (T1) and at the end of treatment (T2). They participated to individual information meetings on SPC risk prevention (T3), and responded to a final questionnaire by phone 1 year after T1 (T4).
RESULTS: 63 AYAs (39 boys, 24 girls; median age=18 [15-25]) have been included. Following their program, their level of physical activity, quality of life, fatigue and 6MWT improved. Analysis of the interviews allowed to identify differences in adoption of prevention behaviors.
CONCLUSION: This study responds to AYAs’ needs for support and information regarding physical activity and SPC prevention. To improve the quality of the program and its implementation, a gym room has been built at the hospital, and a therapeutic education program dedicated to AYAs will be developed.

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